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best recumbent tricycles

Best Recumbent Tricycles for 2021

Cycling is one of the favorite hobbies and forms of leisure of both young and old individuals. Riding a trike is becoming a norm nowadays because it provides more balance and support to the riders, especially those who experience frequent back pain. However, former bicycles and tricycles have an upright structure that increases strain on the rider’s back, butt, and abdominal muscles.   To address muscle

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folding tricycles

Best Folding Adult Tricycles for 2021

If you are looking for something convenient yet fun to go around town with, you might be perfect for a folding adult tricycle. Sometimes called a trike or three-wheeled recumbent bicycles, the adult tricycles allow cyclists to ride with comfort, balance, and enjoyment. These tricycles usually come with a basket or even an electric motor for electric tricycles or e-trikes.   The most common misconception about this

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best tricycle strollers

Best Tricycle Strollers and Brands

When you have a baby or a youthful toddler, the best child tricycle stroller is among the best purchases to aid in their physical development and exercise. Studies showed that an excessive number of kids even at really early ages spend too much time watching television and other  screened gadgets. While investing a great deal of time into cell phones or tablets can help mental

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best tricycles and brands for 2021 2

Best Kids Tricycles and Brands for 2021

Riding tricycles is a delightful activity for children, so many parents bought this type of ride for kids. The best tricycles allow them to have fun while helping them develop their motor skills, stay fit, and be active. At one year old, children can slowly learn how to ride a tricycle but keep in mind that each one of them will learn at their own

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which tricycle is best for 2 year olds

Which Tricycle Is Best For 2 Year Olds?

At two years of age, toddlers enjoy activities that let them exercise their fine motor skills. With their newly discovered independence and mobility, they like playing all the time. So, when choosing a toy, you need something that they would genuinely appreciate. Moreover, it must also fit their abilities and skills as well as aid in improving them. A trike or tricycle is an excellent

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best adult tricycles for 2021

Best Adult Tricycles & Brands for 2021

Do you want to cruise around while exercising with a bicycle but don’t know how to ride one properly? It’s ok, don’t be discouraged because the solution to that is an adult tricycle. As you may know, an adult tricycle is a three-wheeled bike, which means that you will not have any problem balancing. Getting a trike will allow you to enjoy cycling again since

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Most Recent Reviews

Bentley tricycle review

Bentley 6-in-1 Baby Tricycle Review

Are you a first-time mother that does not know how to train your baby to walk? Or are you seeking a better way to make your baby’s calves stronger? This stroller/trike is your one-stop solution to exercise your baby’s feet, from crawling, walking, running, up to learning how to ride a trike. Strollers are useful when you have to bring your child with you while

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Radio flyer stroller tricycle review

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike Review

When it comes to buying the best for one’s child, a parent always considers the best toy and activities to help him grow. Your little one needs to be physically active in your backyard, and you want him to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Moreover, you want devices and toys that promote physical activity while making the most out of your money’s worth!

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XJD tricycle review

XJD 3 in 1 Kids Tricycle Review

Bike riding has been a fun activity for kids for centuries. Toddlers cannot enjoy bicycle riding since they don’t have proper balance. So, you have to make do with tricycles until they can use training wheels and eventually ride on their own.  Tricycles for toddlers need to be flashy to fit their age profile, but it still needs to be functional and sturdy. Kids tend

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Radio flyer big wheel tricycle review

Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer Review

Your little one is bored from playing with his iPad, and there’s nothing to do to keep him physically active in your backyard. You want to get him an outdoor toy that he would surely enjoy and promote physical activity, but you don’t know what to get him. Well, let me tell you this, the new Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer may be the tricycle

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Schwinn roadster tricycle review

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle Review

There are many different kinds of tricycles available for kids and toddlers nowadays. One of the well-sought types is the classic or retro style tricycles. Parents would choose for their exploring young roadsters the tricycle that can provide the best specifications at a reasonable price.  Why should parents choose Schwinn Roadster tricycles as their child’s first riding companion?  Our Verdict Vintage style meets modern build.

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Gomo tricycle review

GOMO Tricycle Review

Tricycles are a great way to teach your kids how to ride a bicycle. Aside from the safety it provides, it’s also an excellent way to give your kids an enjoyable time while learning.  Among the many tricycles in the market, the GOMO tricycle is one that you should check out. Aside from its child-friendly features, the GOMO tricycle wouldn’t break the bank because it’s

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What Can we Help you Make a Decision on?

Featured Trike - Schwinn Roadster

From one of the most respected bicycle brands in the world the Roadster by Schwinn is a great way to introduce kids to riding. If you skipped the balance bike step, a tricycle is a great gateway into biking and motor skill development. What we love about the Schwinn Roadster is its retro looks, sturdy steel frame and durable tires.  This particular tricycle has a low center of gravity which allows kids to feel comfortable immediately after sitting down. 

Why Listen to Us? is a review site dedicated to well…tricycles. As a young kid, it took me forever to learn how to ride a bike. My handy alternative was always the Big Wheel tricycle! It was almost as cool as a bike and I didn’t have to fall learning how to ride it. Even since I’ve had an affinity towards the three-wheeled bike known as the tricycle. 

Unlike most review sites that write a bunch of crappy reviews without ever seeing or holding the products they review. goes above and beyond to test, scrutinize, and really review all the products we feature, so you the buyer know exactly what to expect before spending your hard-earned money. 

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