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Who knew tricycles were a thing for adults? Well, we did! Lovetricycle is the only website dedicated primarily to the tricycle. Our in-depth content dives deep into the specifics of adult tricycles to help you make an informed decision. If you’re just getting started check out our Best Tricycles for Adults Guide.  If you Already have a budget in mind check out our favorite trikes based on price point or scroll down the page for a wealth of information related to adult tricycles. Thanks for visiting!

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best recumbent tricycles

Best Recumbent Tricycles for 2021

Cycling is one of the favorite hobbies and forms of leisure of both young and old individuals. Riding a trike is becoming a norm nowadays because it provides more balance and support to the riders, especially those who experience frequent back pain. However, former bicycles and tricycles have an upright structure that increases strain on the rider’s back, butt, and abdominal muscles.   To address muscle

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folding tricycles

Best Folding Adult Tricycles for 2021

If you are looking for something convenient yet fun to go around town with, you might be perfect for a folding adult tricycle. Sometimes called a trike or three-wheeled recumbent bicycles, the adult tricycles allow cyclists to ride with comfort, balance, and enjoyment. These tricycles usually come with a basket or even an electric motor for electric tricycles or e-trikes.   The most common misconception about this

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how to transport an adult tricycle

How To Transport An Adult Tricycle

Riding public transportation has become a bit risky these days. Due to the pandemic, many people are avoiding taking the bus or riding the train going to work. The majority of individuals fear that they might contract COVID-19 if they ride public transportation. As a result, more people are rediscovering the bicycle and tricycle as alternative modes of transport. Before COVID-19, tricycles and bikes are

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how to build a motorized tricycle

How to Build a Motorized Tricycle

A tricycle with pedal assistance helps to stay mobile, especially for adults. With the help of the electric motor, the user can withstand more significant height differences or stronger winds even with physical complications. A motorized tricycle is an electric bike with three wheels that are equipped with an electric motor. It is easy to build because all you need is a bike in good

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how much are tricycles for adults

How Much Are Tricycles For Adults?

Riding a tricycle is a wonderful experience, although it can be quite challenging at first. Additionally, finding the right tricycle for you is also another experience. If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle or want to try something new, you might be interested in riding a tricycle. In case you’re wondering how much a tricycle for adults will cost you, you’ve come to

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why do adults ride tricycles

Why Do Adults Ride Tricycles?

Riding a bicycle can get difficult for adults. The chances of falling are too big, and the ability to get on and off a bike is no longer safe. Fortunately, tricycles are becoming popular among adults because of the range of its health benefits and advantages compared to a regular bicycle. Adult tricycles open up a world of greater possibilities for everyone. Tricycles have much

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