Best Recumbent Tricycles for 2021

Cycling is one of the favorite hobbies and forms of leisure of both young and old individuals. Riding a trike is becoming a norm nowadays because it provides more balance and support to the riders, especially those who experience frequent back pain. However, former bicycles and tricycles have an upright structure that increases strain on the rider’s back, butt, and abdominal muscles.  

To address muscle strains, manufacturers came up with the tricycle that offers even weight distribution, full back support, and comfort on the rider. It is the trike we know today as recumbent tricycles. Recumbent trikes race the roads on a super comfy, laidback, three-wheeled leg mechanism in cool designs that appeal to kids, young adults, and older adults.  

Top 3 Best Recumbent Tricycles

After determining the purposes, benefits, and ways of using recumbent trikes, now is the time to identify the market’s best recumbent tricycles. 

This following list identifies the top recumbent tricycles by Mobo according to the age of the rider, with its description and unique features:

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle – Beach Cruiser Type

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men & women. Beach Cruiser Trike. Adaptive 3-Wheel Bike

The Mobo Triton Pro – Beach Cruiser Tricycle is a recumbent tricycle specifically designed for adult men and women who love outdoor cruising. It is a three-wheeled recumbent trike that comes in colors of red, orange, silver, and blue, with a metal steel frame and size of 28x29x48 inches (61″ when extended), and 16 inches wheel size. 

Its low center of gravity and dual steering offers maximum vehicle stability and hassle-free maneuverability. Its easily adjusted frame caters to adult and young riders with a height ranging from 4’2″ to 6’3″ and weight of up to 250 lbs. 

This tricycle has a single gear free-wheel hub with caliper brakes and a safety flag, with a seamless, chainless design. This recumbent trike is perfect for adults and seniors who prefer smooth rides. 

Unique Features

  • No need for balance
  • Applicable to small and large riders
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Offers low-impact exercise for seniors and adults
Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men & women. Beach Cruiser Trike. Adaptive 3-Wheel Bike , Orange, 28 x 29 x 48 inches (61” extended)
  • 3-Wheel Recumbent Bike – Enjoy the outdoors with this adult tricycle for women and men. Designed for cruising and exercise on flat paved surfaces and gently sloping terrain
  • Low Impact Exercise – Get a cardiovascular workout with minimal stress on your back and knees. Reclined seat provides evenly cushioned support. An outdoor tricycle for seniors and all adults who prefer a more stable, comfortable ride

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike. Reversible Adult Tricycle Bike, black

The Mobo Shift Recumbent Bicycle trike is a 3-wheeled cruiser with a 20-inch frame size and 20-inch wheel size and comes in black color and metal steel frame. 

This recumbent trike caters to riders from ages nine years old and above. It has a seat cushion placed 12 inches above the ground and inflatable rubber tires with 20″ front and 16″ rear. 

Unique Features

  • Single speed with Reverse Function 
  • Use of hand caliper brake and an available emergency brake system
  • Adjustable back support
  • No need for balance

Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike – Youth Cruiser Tricycle

Mobo Triton Recumbent Trike. Kids 3-Wheel Bike. Youth Cruiser Tricycle

The Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike is the predecessor vehicle to the Triton Pro tricycle. It is a perfect and smooth-riding vehicle for kids ages 7 to 12 years old, who love cruising outdoors. It is designed for rides on flat, paved roads and gently sloping lands. 

This mini Triton Pro trike also offers a cardiovascular workout for kids. Kids will have fun leaning back on their seats while having a comfortable ride with this tricycle. 

Mobo Triton Go Kart trike caters to kids and small adults with a height ranging from 3’8″ to 5’2″ and weighs up to 200 lbs.  

It has a low center of gravity and dual steering, which provides full stability and easy maneuvering of the vehicle with simple hand motions. It comes in the colors of pink, red, and blue on a 16-inch steel frame, free wheel hub, and caliper style brakes. 

The frame dimensions are 26.5x25x41 inches (51″ when extended), the weight of 39 lbs, and wheel sizes of 16″ front and 12″ rear, respectively.  

Unique Features

  • No need for balance
  • Applicable to kids and small adult riders
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Offers low-impact exercise for kids
Mobo Triton Recumbent Trike. Kids 3-Wheel Bike. Youth Cruiser Tricycle
  • KIDS RECUMBENT BIKE - Enjoy the outdoors with this easy-to-ride 3-wheeler for kids. Designed for cruising and exercise on flat paved surfaces and gently sloping terrain
  • NO BALANCE REQUIRED - Low-to-the-ground three-wheel bike frame provides maximum stability. Dual-joystick steering offers smooth maneuverability with simple hand movements

Recumbent Tricycle Buyers Guide

best recumbent tricycles 003

How do you choose the best recumbent tricycle for you or your family member? 

Here is a buyer’s guide that enables you to determine what are the structure, benefits, qualities, speed, and mechanisms of using a recumbent tricycle. It also includes the top 3 recommended recumbent trikes in the market.

What is a Recumbent Tricycle?

A recumbent tricycle is a three-wheeled structure that enables the rider to sit in a reclined position, with his feet in front of the rider. It allows the rider to drive the trike with his /her arms positioned comfortably at the sides and increased pressure on the legs positioned closer to the body. 

This tricycle decreases one’s weight on the upper body from the handlebars and leaves the rest of the weight on the lower body. 

It has a wide, ergonomic seat that offers total support to the rider’s back, neck, and shoulders while riding. Recumbent trikes are structured low to the ground with broad base support. 

There are two types of recumbent tricycles: short wheelbase and long wheelbase. Short wheelbase types have a front-wheel placed behind the crank, while long-wheelbase models have a front wheel that is positioned in front of the crank. 

How does a Recumbent Tricycle Work?

The recumbent tricycle moves by propelling with the legs and feet, pedaling the wheels while supporting the person’s weight in an almost lying position. The wide seat evenly bears the back, neck, and shoulders’ weight while the lower body (legs and thighs) supports and moves the vehicle. 

Its mechanisms are similar to riding a stationary recumbent bike used in gyms. This vehicle provides ample back, neck, shoulder, and gluteal support while decreasing pressure on arms and hands, in contrast to upright structured bicycles and tricycles.

10 Reasons to Buy a Recumbent Tricycle

Recumbent tricycles offer tremendous benefits, especially for adults and older individuals, in terms of comfort, ride enjoyment, health, exercise, and back pain relief.  

1.Fun to Ride

Riding the recumbent trike enables the rider to sit upright while looking on the road level for his destination, rather than leaning down on the front seat. It permits the rider to focus on the road in the forward direction while enjoying the ride and views on the road. 

This tricycle ride allows a full view of nature while riding at a comfortable pace and having a good leg workout.  

2. Comfort

Riding in a reclined position offers comfort by providing full back, neck, shoulders, and butt support and reducing upper body pressure. It also shifts the pressure on the lower part of the body. Seating in a recumbent position is comfy, like sitting on an office chair. 

This position prevents muscle sores, strains, and fatigue of the butt and upper body muscles (back, neck, shoulders, wrist, and hands). It is highly beneficial to aging individuals as it distributes weight over a larger surface area. It is riding in comfort and leisure at the same time. 

3. Cardiovascular Workout

Riders will benefit significantly from riding a recumbent trike in terms of heart exercise. The reclined position enables the rider to shift the pressure on the lower leg muscles, which moves the wheels. This more downward leg movement increases heart rate and blood flow to the heart, providing an effective cardiovascular workout. 

 This vehicle exercises the heart as well as the lower leg muscles. However, the rider must give extreme care to ascertain the proper manner of riding the vehicle to avoid muscle strains and discomfort.

4. Complete Body Training

Riding a recumbent trike is highly beneficial to those with arthritis and neurological disorders. It decreases strain on the upper body muscles while building strength and support on the lower abdominal and leg muscles. In addition, this trike offers the distribution of weight on a large surface, offering full upper body support while limiting potential strains on one part of the body. 

5. Lumbar Reinforcement

Recumbent trikes have become a favorite among people with frequent back pains. It provides a wide seat that offers full upper body support while maintaining spine posture and alignment. 

6. Muscle Bolstering

Riding reclined trikes provide a unique way of strengthening your muscles. Compared to its upright counterpart, reclined trikes put greater force on the lower abdominal and leg muscles (thighs, lower legs, buttocks, and hips) as you pedal while decreasing strain on the upper body. 

The lower body benefits significantly from the tricycle workout, as well as the lower abdominal muscles. A trike with a seat placed closer to the pedals decreases energy during pedaling by flexing and involving lower abdominal muscles, thighs, and calf muscles. 

 7. Burning of Calories

Driving your recumbent trike is an effective calorie-burning exercise, depending on the rate of pedaling or resistance applied on the vehicle, rider’s weight, and metabolism. 

People with higher weight exert more effort in pedaling the vehicle, leading to increased burned calories and weight loss. 

 8. Relief of Back Pain

Recumbent tricycles are the best option for people who frequently experience bad back pains. It gives a reclined position that cushions the neck, shoulders, butt, and back. 

The seat structure redistributes the trike’s weight, allowing more room for engagement of the lower abdomen, legs, pelvis, and thighs. 

9. Safety 

Recumbent trikes have designs that are built low to the ground and broad base support. Hence, these allow a safer way of riding the vehicle while avoiding the possibility of unnecessary falls and accidents from toppling off. 

 10. Aerodynamic build

One notable feature of a recumbent trike is its aerodynamic build from its plastic fairings in front of the vehicle. These fairings sustain the vehicle’s speed, block wind impacts and gush of cold air during winter rides, and prevent moisture and debris from reaching the rider. 

11. Excellent ride for the physically disabled individuals

Individuals with physical disabilities can still enjoy the benefits of riding a tricycle, thanks to recumbent trikes. This vehicle can provide full upper body support and movement for them as they can enjoy the ride. 

How Fast is a Recumbent Trike?

The aerodynamic seating and positioning of the recumbent tricycle can decrease wind impacts and increase speed, compared to an upright type. A recumbent tricycle can cruise the road at an average speed of 9 – 12 miles per hour. 

How to Choose the Best Recumbent Tricycle

Choosing the best recumbent tricycle varies from person to person, depending on factors such as: 

Road Type

Riders must carefully consider the type of road that they are going to cycle with their trike. Paved roads are not much of an issue, but riding the recumbent tricycle on an inclined road will require tremendous leg effort and consideration of the speed model. 

Length of Wheelbase

A critical consideration in choosing your recumbent trikes is the wheelbase. Short wheelbase recumbents are lighter, more reactive, and have more elevated seats than long wheelbase. These types of trikes are suitable for paved roads. 

Long wheelbase trikes require the rider to sit lower as he/she rides in between the two wheels. It provides a smoother ride against gravel roads and bumpy roads.

  Seating Position and Comfort

These two essential factors are highly relevant when planning on long rides. Short wheelbase types have a higher seat placement, often ideal for riders with disabilities or problems from standing in low positions. 

Extended wheelbase models provide more generous upper body support but are seated lower, which gives a challenge from getting out of the seats. 

As a rider, you may want to assess your body build when choosing a trike. Choose the recumbent trike that provides padded seating and adequate support for your anatomy. 

Unit Weight

Recumbent tricycles have a more bulky structure than upright trikes and need to be transported frequently. Consider acquiring a small, lightweight type when you have a smaller vehicle or have difficulty lifting heavy items.

 Frame Size and Wheel Size

Wheel size highly matters depending on the road that will be traversed. Smaller wheel types are acceptable with city riding but not too efficient in riding across rough roads. Larger wheel models can cater to all kinds of terrain but are bulkier and more difficult to transport. 

When the rider plans on riding across various terrains, rear wheels should be more significant in size, around 26″, to cater to the impacts of bumps and rough surfaces. Frame size matters as small recumbent trikes only fit on small vehicles, and bigger framed recumbents only cater heavy build riders. 

Suspension System and Design

Recumbent types with built-in suspension systems add more weight on the unit, but riders ignore its effects as the seat decreases the pressure when riding. However, the most significant challenge lies when one drives the vehicle on rough roads and bumps.  

How to Tow a Recumbent Tricycle Behind a Car

Transporting a recumbent tricycle can be a cumbersome task, as the vehicle has a bulky structure. 

Folding recumbent types can easily fit inside the trunk or back seat. However, non-folding types can be towed and transported behind a car using a traditional rear rack that fastens to the trunk of the car. 

The rider can strap bungee cords or tie-down straps on the seat to keep the wind from making the vehicle tip down or sway while driving. Watch out, though, for the chain scratching the tricycle frame and drive safely with careful routing. Front wheels can be removed to obtain a spare room if the vehicle needs to go through a toll booth or drive through. 

Where do you buy a Recumbent Tricycle?

Recumbent tricycles can be purchased online through,,, and other online bicycle retailers. You can also purchase one from the nearest bicycle shop within your area or state.  


Recumbent tricycles are gaining steady popularity among young, adult, and older adult riders due to the increased comfort, safety, stability, and health benefits that it offers. 

Its three-wheeled structure, coupled with a comprehensive support base and reclined seat, provides full upper body and gluteal support while toning the lower body parts. It is an efficient means of distributing pressure points on the body and preventing muscle strains and fatigue from prolonged cycling. 

Recumbent tricycles have ergonomically designed aerodynamics that blocks wind impacts and enables speed increase in sloping terrains. However, the rider must carefully consider multiple factors in choosing the best recumbent tricycle fit for his/her needs. An even more significant challenge is to tow the bulky recumbent behind your car while maintaining its form and stability. 

The top 3 recumbents both appeal to the young and old age groups. These tricycles also deliver the best benefits of a recumbent tricycle, such as durable design, provision of low-impact exercise, and decreased demand for balance. 

Overall, recumbent tricycles are comfortable tricycles that provide good upper body and gluteal support and lower body exercise while delivering leisure, health benefits, and back pain relief in one vehicle. Ask for a recumbent specialist to better assess your needs and preferences for a recumbent tricycle and buy the best recumbent tricycle for you or your family members for this coming holiday. 

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