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Tricycles are a fantastic way for a young child to see the world. A tricycle is a safe way to travel,

Riding public transportation has become a bit risky these days. Due to the pandemic, many people are avoiding taking the bus or riding the train going to work. The majority of individuals fear that they might contract COVID-19 if they ride public transportation. As a result, more people are rediscovering the bicycle and tricycle as alternative modes of transport.

Before COVID-19, tricycles and bikes are often used for leisure activities. Nowadays, these human-powered vehicles have become the safest transportation option for numerous people around the world. You will commonly see today people riding their tricycle or bicycle going to work or the grocery.

Benefits Of An Adult Tricycle

If you are not familiar with an adult tricycle, it is a vehicle related to bicycles. Like a bicycle, it is human-powered and can be propelled using its pedals. But instead of having two wheels like those in a bicycle, an adult tricycle has three wheels. It has one wheel at the front and two wheels at the back.

A tricycle is an ideal transport for aging individuals or people with illnesses who are having a problem with their stability. If you are going to ride a standard two-wheeled bike, stability is crucial in making it run smoothly. The typical bicycle might be a scary ride for the elderlies who, most often, already have movement limitations. Then, the three-wheeled bike is the perfect solution for them.

An adult tricycle is more stable than an average two-wheeled bike. The trike owes its stability to its two wheels at the back. Riding a bicycle is a balancing act. If you lose your balance, you might stumble and hurt yourself. However, the three-wheeled bike solves this problem and allows you to focus more on driving it. Even if you are stationary, you will not fall in a tricycle. Unlike in a bicycle, it is already balanced. A tricycle allows you to ride without worrying about your balance.

On the other hand, transporting an adult tricycle could be a tricky business. A three-wheeled trike is more challenging to transport than a two-wheeled bike, that is why some opt for folding tricycles. Here are three ways of transporting an adult tricycle:

Inside The Cargo Area

If you drive a station wagon or a hatchback, you can load an adult tricycle inside the shared area for passengers and cargo. However, if you will carry a three-wheeled bike, then allot that space solely for the trike. 

Before you load the adult tricycle, you need to get an Allen key to lower the tricycle’s handlebars. You should unfasten the clamp that joins the handlebars to the riser. Now get a wheelchair ramp. Open the rear door of the station wagon. Next, put the wheelchair ramp in an inclined position from the back part of the car.

Then, ensure that the ramp is stable. Afterward, you can move the adult tricycle to the vehicle’s cargo area using the wheelchair ramp. In case the trike would not fit in the backspace, you can remove the front wheel. You can put straps on the trike to ensure that it is safely fastened in the cargo area. Now, you can hit the road and head towards your destination.

Using A Trike Rack

You can also use racks to carry an adult tricycle. Just ensure that you are using a rack designed for trikes. You can utilize a hitch-mounted rack to hold the trike.

For the front wheel:

Lower the rack from the up position.Fit the safety pin and lock it in a down position.Get the trike and put it in a 45-degree position.Lift the front wheel and put it in the wheel holder.Put the rubber strap and safety strap.Check if the wheel is tightly fastened to ensure that it will not fall off when you hit the road.

For the rear wheels:

Go to the tricycle’s rear and lift the rear wheels.Position the rear wheels on the holders.Put the rubber strap and safety strap on both wheels.Ensure that the wheels are tightly secured in the holders.Put safety straps on the trike’s body frame and carrier. 

If you are done, you are now ready to go anywhere with your tricycle.


Adult tricycles are gaining popularity since it offers people a transportation mode that can comply with social distancing protocols. However, you cannot trike everywhere, so sometimes you need to transport your trike. You have the option of loading it inside your car’s cargo area, or you could mount it on a trike rack at the back of your vehicle. 

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